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Fire Starters

Made in the USA. Lifetime Warranty: You Use It Up, We Replace It!


Our fire starters are made using the finest materials available, including the purest magnesium (99.95% purity) in the industry and a large, 5/16’ x 3” ferrocerium rod that creates a spark at approximately 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we’ve started in 2011, our products have made a spark in several countries, with repeating clients receiving quality product and high-level customer service. And as part of our commitment to provide you the best quality in both, our products come with a lifetime replacement warranty. If you use it up, we’ll replace it! That’s our promise to you.

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Made in the USA

All products are made in the USA.

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Lifetime Warranty

Fire starters must have both flint and magnesium fully exhausted when before eligible for replacement, shipped at buyer's expense.

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30,000 Strike Flint

Our flint strikers will last up to 30,000 strikes

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The Folding Model



The Folding Model folds to conveniently fit in your pocket or Go-bag.

The Survial Model



The survival model has a hollow air and watertight handle which can house various items such as Tender, Fishing lines/hooks, small knives, emergency money, etc.

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